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Beautiful scene from Scott Allenbach for #photofriday. Send in your pictures of Oregon, and don't forget to share photos of your Christmas trees! ... See MoreSee Less

Beautiful scene from Scott Allenbach for #PhotoFriday. Send in your pictures of Oregon, and dont forget to share photos of your Christmas trees!


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I love living in a postcard

Current Oregon laws ensure we'll always have healthy forests. ... See MoreSee Less

Current Oregon laws ensure well always have healthy forests.


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that is the only good story I have read today

attempt to ensure; we live in the age of rollbacks and Industrial entitlements.

Is the Gorge burn being replanted?


Planting 200 seeds in 2 years on one acre is pathetic and will not ever reforest an area back to proper health.

mono crop of trees is not a forest! It is business

Dont tell our governor this. She will make some law up to profit off this information.

BUT...THEY...ARE....ALL...THE..SAME....TREES. Forests must not be re-planted as harvest crops.

How about getting rid of the dumb ass's with the so called education in forest management and turn it back over to people who know how to do it right

1 seedling planted does not equal a 60-100 yr old tree.

The comments to this post sure sort out those with facts and those without. Thumbs up to the people who seek out true info - for the others, enjoy your temper tantrums. Oh yeah - Thank you to ODF foresters from the first 100 years - you guys are why we have some pretty terrifc stands in Oregon today! JED

false the Laws have facilitated huge impacts including endangering fish and wildlife and our water sources.

planting trees has always been the way that industry conditions people into believing everything is ok. It is not. They are Oregon's highest polluter, responsible for huge losses in wildlife and fish populations, responsible for huge losses in our freshwater sources 50% losses in summer for many years to come and we just heard that Chinook salmon harvest is curtailed due to drought aka combination of impacts from logging and the climate change they contribute to.

Question... How long does it take for the forest trees to grow back to the height of the trees havested? And... Are these the genetically engineered trees that grow back faster?

200 seedlings do not replace 200 mature trees.

I am a retired forester, this is BS at it finest. NO replacement for old growth forest or a 2nd growth forest they were all grown from native seeds! I can say more but you just pull the post off. Keep the population uneducated by lies by corporate powers and the Oregon State Forestry!

It's the governor that concerns me.. And her let it all burn mentality..

"Yes... but, they plant baby trees in a clear cut and there is no shade from older trees and the baby trees dry up in the scorching sun and die!!! We go for months without rain and the trees do not have a chance to grow. I have seen many clear cuts with little brown baby tree skeletons... it is so sad and what a collossal waste of peoples' time and energy, planting baby trees where they are doomed to fail... it is so sad." 🤔😣😥

About as much chance of that as there is trusting the ODF&W to make sure there will always game and fish for us.

It that's the law then why do you ALLOW timber companies who got theirs ..mad money harvesting tree's who have NEVER replanted and they are ALL OVER OREGON!!! You fucks need to get your shit together and start doing your goddamn job to fine those timber companies and force them to reseed and ensure good regrowth


Its not a matter of quantity, forest go through very long stages of development. Only a government bureaucrat or lawyer would think that the number of seedlings planted would guarantee future healthy forests. There are dozens of other factors. Even if one were to give this law the benefit of the doubt there is much uncertainty when it comes to actual compliance. There was an OPB article back in June of this year that examines that. I found a link to that and it is a worthwhile read. www.opb.org/news/article/oregon-forests-logging-rules-compliance-controversy/

The current laws only help the Democrats that put them in place and that make money from them, they do not help the Oregon people or oregon. That's why you've seen Oregon go to shit in the last 20 years, because the Democrats have took it over and flushed it down the toilet with these laws

If Kate Brown keeps her hands and mouth out of it

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Who picked up a Christmas tree this week? Share a picture for #photofriday! ... See MoreSee Less

Who picked up a Christmas tree this week? Share a picture for #PhotoFriday!


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We left a few.

I begrudgingly have a fake one because my husband is allergic to the real thing. Up until I was married I always got the real thing though. It just doesn’t feel right to have a fake one.

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