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The Oregon Sustainable Resources Alliance celebrates the economic, recreational and environmental benefits of our forests. Join us in protecting all that we love. Learn more. Speak out. Take action.

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Our forests provide us with a place to play

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Oregon’s forests support local families and communities

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Healthy forests contribute to a healthy environment

Let’s Grow Oregon Strong

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We know a lot of people care about Oregon's forests. This week an impressive crowd showed up at the State Capitol in Salem to make their voices heard on an issue important to them and to their rural communities. Great show of people power! ... See MoreSee Less


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We also need to balance the health of our environment. Everyone needs to be apart of this, the rich, poor & those who make a living in our Forrest & on our roads. There must be some compromise. 🌎🌲

We need to work together in our state and recognize we are all in this together, urbane and rural. And our laws and direction should reflect that.

Trump hating koolaid drinkers doesn't make you qualified to assert your opinions on the whole state. #WALKAWAY Let's put this to a vote. Every voice should be heard. We cannot afford another job killing tax. Out come could be Oregon has highest unemployment in the nation. VOTE RED Recall Kate Brown Sign the petition. Send her packing she does not have the right to dictate to taxpayers who are paying her wage. How many special interest groups are in her pocket. She is letting her personal life interfere with her political obligations to represent all Oregonians. Kate must go. She cant even clean up the filth in Portland and she wants to tackle the worlds. GO TO CHINA KATE AND CLEAN UP THEIR AIR. Would somebody please tell Hillary Kate has info on her. AMERICANS TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY TOGETHER #MEGA

Unfortunately the dems are blind to anything like this that is contrary to their wants.

They all showed up and as soon as they left the politicians went ahead and are trying to shove there agenda up our ass !

Love it

It is all about socialism and power to change and get money's in the government coffers!! Taxation without representation!! Liberals take over not now!!!

Thank you for representing Oregon people <3

Let's ramp up logging in Oregon. NOW!

Thankyou for your service.

And yet I bet none of the commenters actually read the bill, probably just “heard” what’s in it. Smh. Money was actually built in to go back to farmers and loggers. But because people are so dead set to shoot themselves in the foot and support big companies, these comments exist.

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Is this a painting or a photo? Great shot by Joan Martelli at Soda Creek for #PhotoFriday. If you have photos send them in at groworegonstrong.com/submit-your-photo/ ... See MoreSee Less

Is this a painting or a photo? Great shot by Joan Martelli at Soda Creek for #PhotoFriday. If you have photos send them in at groworegonstrong.com/submit-your-photo/
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