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Our forests provide us with a place to play

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Oregon’s forests support local families and communities

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Healthy forests contribute to a healthy environment

Let’s Grow Oregon Strong

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Spectacular #photofriday from Joan Martelli. Who else wants to take a walk through these woods? ... See MoreSee Less

Spectacular #photofriday from Joan Martelli. Who else wants to take a walk through these woods?


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Years ago, while walking in a forest up in Washington state, on a road similar to this, perhaps more overgrown, on either side of the road, I came across what looked to be old gravesites that all that was remaining were the holes. I contacted a local archeologist, who came out and looked at them, and then researched them, and found out that indeed, they had been graves, but the bodies had been moved to another cemetery. No telling what one may find on walks through the woods, especially if the area had pioneers in it long ago. There were also foundations of buildings that had fair sized trees growing up through them. Lot's of history to be re-discovered out there.

Kathryn Beets-Bradley "can't seem to get enough of our forests" for #PhotoFriday. ... See MoreSee Less

Kathryn Beets-Bradley cant seem to get enough of our forests for #PhotoFriday.


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Maybe I am wrong, but that appears to be a sapling "Widow maker".

That picture is beautiful, hope you are not taking bites out of it? 🤣


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