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#PhotoFriday from Susie St. Onge-Anderson picking Oregon grapes ... See MoreSee Less

#PhotoFriday from Susie St. Onge-Anderson picking Oregon grapes

Where have fires burned most in Oregon? ... See MoreSee Less

Where have fires burned most in Oregon?


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Because, like everything else, they don't take care of them!

No surprise there...


Yep they just stand back and watch them burn. Oh wait first they bring in millions of dollars in equipment and personnel and then they stand back and watch it burn.

I just don't understand the government its so sad! 🙁😢

If over half the land is public and it is the most remote land, that makes some sense.

You can thank the environmentalists, every time the government tries to harvest timber which if done correctly is good management of the land, the environmentalists sue them. Therefore, the government can't practice good land management.

I have been saying this for years! Why is it that public lands are more susceptible to wildfires than private lands? 🤔 Not saying that privatization is the answer. How about managing public lands in a manner similar to private lands? There's a novel idea.

The clown president last year said that raking the forest is a good way for prevention

And federal set?

The lame ass govenor is no help

miss management plain and simple

Not the President's fault dude

More Trump Jokes. Pathetic. Our Forestry Management problems have been going on long before Trump.

Because private land has already been logged.

My back yard !

The protests stop all they think is right, thinning forest stops this, we are Oregon logging families. This is fake news

What happened to the use of prisoners to go in and clear underbrush from the forest floors? That seemed to be a very good way to impede fires.


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The source for Oregon's cleanest water, among all land uses. ... See MoreSee Less

The source for Oregons cleanest water, among all land uses.


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Thank you.

Lots of ridiculous regulations. Our economy in Oregon needs help! (Jobs) let's ramp up logging in Oregon.

Oregon has been leading the way for sustainable forestry since 1971. ... See MoreSee Less

Oregon has been leading the way for sustainable forestry since 1971.


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That's probably for private logging. Not public land

Not much public land gets logged these days.....especially along the Coastal communities. Our National Forests are dying due to mis-management.

I would like to see a percentage of the replanting given to hardwood, old growth, species of trees. These would be protected from harvesting.


Let's take OUR forest back it is public land we are the public

For servicing State BLM cater to the big companies like warehouser Roseboro Roseburg we can't drive behind a gate anymore then we're all for Service roads with four Service road numbers now they're blocked off because the big companies are running them.

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