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The Oregon Sustainable Resources Alliance celebrates the economic, recreational and environmental benefits of our forests. Join us in protecting all that we love. Learn more. Speak out. Take action.

Recreate and Refresh

Our forests provide us with a place to play

Create Jobs and Prosperity

Oregon’s forests support local families and communities

Protect and Renew

Healthy forests contribute to a healthy environment

Let’s Grow Oregon Strong

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Kathryn Parsons submitted this #PhotoFriday image to our photo page. Have you sent us your pictures of Oregon's forests yet? groworegonstrong.com/submit-your-photo/ ... See MoreSee Less

Kathryn Parsons submitted this #PhotoFriday image to our photo page. Have you sent us your pictures of Oregons forests yet? https://groworegonstrong.com/submit-your-photo/


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I love Oregon Forests!

Where’s this taken at? It’s pretty

Oregons forests going to China the biggest importer of logs in the world. They are also the biggest exporter. They have taken our mill jobs!!

4 days ago

Oregon Forests Forever

Wow. Lots of support for Oregon forests!Thank you to everyone who showed up today, sporting an I 💓 Forestry button to show your opposition to HB 2656. We filled two-and-a-half hearings rooms with roughly 100 foresters, loggers and small woodland owners! Representative Helm ended the hearing before everyone could get their chance to testify, but your presence today mattered. Your pride for what you do, and your deep knowledge of silviculture and the positive outcomes you produce in clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat, and carbon-storing renewable wood products (backed by strong scientific evidence) is admirable and inspiring. Thank you for proudly standing up for what you do so well. #NoOn2656 #ForestSolutions #ForestProud ... See MoreSee Less

Is it really almost spring? Here's a #PhotoFriday picture from Susie Stonge-Anderson. How's the snow in your area? ... See MoreSee Less

Is it really almost spring? Heres a #PhotoFriday picture from Susie Stonge-Anderson. Hows the snow in your area?


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If we’re talking about the forest they certainly must love the snow! It makes me feel much better about the fire season!♥️🌲♥️🌲

Yep I observed 3 motorbike riders throughout the day. Enjoying it too if the, about time, smiles were any indication

Oregon! Depending on where you are in oregon, had snow this morning! It didn't really stick! It tried though!☘

All gone!!!

For us.. The Sierra right now. Beautiful views from here. Ditto about the fire season.

Melted thank goodness...

Never any on the oregon coast

It is 5:00 PM in the afternoon here in Texas and it is 80 degrees outside!

No snow. Daffodils are blooming and the magnolia tree is getting ready to bloom

And I am not ready for summer here in Texas, way to early! We hardly ever get a nice spring. It goes from cold to hot in no time and then we roast until October. Where people get tired of snow, I get tired of the sun and the hot, hot temperatures here.

Please make the snow GO AWAY and STAY AWAY! I have had it!!!!

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