Have you heard of these lesser known Oregon State Parks?

Photo from Discover Klamath

Oregon is home to so many natural beauties, is it any wonder it still has some hidden gems of which you’ve never heard? Check out this list compiled by That Oregon Life for some lesser known Oregon State Park wonders.

Jackson F. Kimball State Park

Clear Lake isn’t the only crystal clear water in Oregon. A view from above Wood River might make you think you’re looking at Hawaiian tropical waters. It’s actually pristine clear glacier melt that is visible all the way through to the river floor. Unless you have a wetsuit it’s going to be too cold for swimming, but that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing a kayak and enjoying the surroundings.

Champoeg State Heritage Area

Lush forests, fields, and wetlands to enjoy here, but that’s not all. Champoeg is also where Oregon’s first provisional government formed in 1843. Enjoy the hiking trails or bring your bikes with the family, and also enjoy some history along the way.

Munson Creek Falls State Natural Site

If you enjoy very green outdoors, then you should be at Munson Creek Falls. The 319-foot-high water fall is enough to convince anyone to visit this hidden gem, but you’ll also enjoy the ancient western red cedar and sitka spruce along the way. Munson Creek is home to salmon spawning, so be on the lookout if it’s the right time of year.

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