The mysterious bunker in a coastal forest

Tillamook Head Traverse Hike is courtesy of TripAdvisor

When you venture into an Oregon forest, sometimes there’s no telling what you might find. For those adventurous enough to trek over six miles of rugged forest and around jagged, plunging cliffs, they’ll stumble upon a relic from World War II.

About a mile and a half from the Cannon Beach-end of the Tillamook Head trailhead lays a mysterious bunker about the length of a school bus.  It was once the home of secret military activity housing soldiers tasked with guarding Oregon’s shores from a possible Japanese air invasion during World War II.

What’s spooky about these ruins is there is nothing written about the bunker, which was established in the early 1940s. What we do know is from John Koch, a park ranger with the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation, who explained to Beach Connection: “I can tell you that the site was utilized by the U.S. Army Air Corps for about one to one and a half years during WW II.”

The bunker was part of a radar station that kept a lookout for enemy aircraft. It featured a giant antennae, estimated to be about 30-feet-tall and was manned around the clock by eight men working in shifts.

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Koch warns visitors against trying to get in. Its only inhabitants these days are bats.

This bunker is an example of the wonders and mysteries of Oregon’s forests, although more often than not its treasures won’t be quite so man-made.

You can learn more about this bunker at the full article from Beach Connection.


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