Have you seen Oregon’s coastal ghost forest?

At low tide between Cascade Head and Nestucca Bay on Oregon’s coast you’ll find yourself in the middle of a ghost forest. Hundreds of tree stumps can be seen, remnants of a 2,000-year-old landscape.

The Neskowin Ghost Forest was once believed to be a vast forest of Sitka spruce and cedar, rising 200 feet in the air. The forest was decimated by a tsunami caused by the Cascadia earthquake of 1700, and then buried under mud, debris, and the ocean. It wasn’t until storms battered the beach in 1997 that the sand washed away to expose this natural phenomenon.

Two hundred petrified stumps remain near Proposal Rock at the Neskowin Beach Recreation Site, and only appear at low tide. During winter the tide is lowest and the stumps are most visible.

Have you seen the Neskowin Ghost Forest? Will you be making a trip out to the coast to view this glimpse into the past? Be sure to send us your pictures on Facebook!


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