Oregon has more loggers than any other state

loggersWhat is the most quintessentially Oregon job? The answer isn’t that surprising. It’s logging!

A career in logging is far more common in Oregon than it is in any other state, The Oregonian reported after studying a May 2017 jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

One of the best parts from the report? Many loggers consider Oregon’s forests their “office space.”

The average logger working in Oregon’s woods made a salary of $41,000, which is slightly higher than the national average, and there are currently 1,390 in Oregon.

Look closer at The Oregonian list and you’ll see that one-third of the state’s most common occupations are somehow tied to our forests. That includes fellers, woodworkers, wildlife biologists, forest and conservation technicians and logging equipment operators.

Overall, more than 61,000 jobs were in some way tied to forestry in Oregon, according to a report for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute. Those jobs range from logging to engineering, management and research.

Logging has been a proud part of Oregon’s past. Economic statistics show it’s also an essential part of Oregon’s future.

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