Which Oregon towns are most threatened by wildfire?

smoke from wildfirePart of preparing for fire season is understanding where Oregon is most vulnerable. A new study found that a small number of Oregon cities and towns are more at risk of being affected by wildfire than others.

The communities located around the Rogue Valley in Southwest Oregon and towns near Bend in Central Oregon face a higher risk of home destruction from wildfires compared with other parts of Oregon.

“Oregon’s exposure to wildfire is very focused in a few areas,” Richard Stratton, a fire analyst with the U.S. Forest Service, told The Statesman Journal. Stratton co-authored the study with Pyrologix, a Montana-based wildfire threat assessment firm.

People living in these communities won’t be surprised as they’ve had to face the threat of wildfires over the past few summers.

“Just because a community is on this list doesn’t mean it will be destroyed — we’re not saying that at all,” Stratton said in the article. “We’re saying: ‘These are the areas with the highest probability of being impacted by a wildfire, where homes are most susceptible. Now, what should we do about it?’”

Stratton explains that this study can help these communities safeguard themselves from threat by taking precautions. Oregon Forests Forever recently detailed what you can do to reduce the risk of wildfire destruction to your home.