Oregonians share a deep love of forests

Hike. Camp. Hunt. Fish. Ride horseback. Mountain bike. Watch wildlife.

Oregon’s forests offer a wide variety of recreation options. They also can be a place where you can do nothing at all, except enjoy the view.

Things to keep in mind before you head out:

  • Leave no trace. Whatever you bring with you into the forest needs to come out. Treadlightly.org offers tips on how to minimize your impact.
  • Ask permission. If your adventure takes you onto privately-owned forestlands, know that some private landowners require permission and/or paid permits to access the property.
  • Stay on designated trails or roads. As tempting as it is to go off on your own, it’s better for you and for the landscape to stick to the path before you.
  • Hunters and fishers can find out more about regulations and seasons from the Oregon Department of Wildlife.
  • Be fire safe. Last year Oregon suffered 919 wildfires over nearly a quarter of a million acres. Make sure you know the rules and conditions governing campfires. Check out the Keep Oregon Green website for tips and condition updates. And leave all fireworks at home.

Looking for something to do in the woods? Check out the Oregon Forests Forever Events calendar.