Seneca plants its 40 millionth tree

Seneca’s Becky Jones planting the company’s 40 millionth tree

Seneca celebrated Earth Day in a big way this year with the planting of their 40 millionth tree.

Every year 40 million trees are planted across the state of Oregon, but for a single company to reach this number is a true achievement. It also demonstrates the forest industry’s commitment to sustainable management that ensures our forests will be here for generations to come.

“The planting of the 40 millionth tree was a huge milestone for our family and company,” said Casey Roscoe, Senior Vice President for Public Relations at Seneca. “It was very exciting to be there and plant the seedling that represents decades of our stewardship in our Oregon forestland.

Seneca was founded over 60 years ago, passed down through generations of Oregonians. Today, sisters Becky, Kathy (Casey’s mother) and Jody Jones, the owners of Seneca, are proud to continue the work of planting, harvesting, and regrowing trees in Oregon’s forests. The three were together to celebrate Earth Day with their families and this important accomplishment.

Kathy Jones-McCann with her grand kids next to the 40 millionth tree

Roscoe says this particular seedling will be ready to harvest in 50 to 55 years. It will spend decades absorbing carbon as it grows. And carbon will remain locked in the wood after it is harvested and used in a building, piece of furniture or other wood product.