Six amazing things to see in Oregon

Oregon has countless wonders that people all over the world come to see. Some of these can be seen year-round, others are seasonal. Check out this list from The Oregonian and let us know how many of these amazing sights you’ve witnessed yourself.

  1. Ghost Forest of Neskowin

Oregon Forests Forever dedicated an entire blog post to this eerie ghost forest on the coast. Thousands of you commented on Facebook that you’ve either seen it yourselves, or are planning to visit. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Read up about it here.

  1. Skylight Cave

A lava tube in the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains. If that’s not reason enough to stand inside it, visit the cave in early June between 8am and 11am to see the sun shine through the skylights.

  1. Vaux’s Swifts at Chapman Elementary

At the end of summer you can see thousands of Vaux’s swifts circle the Chapman Elementary School in northwest Portland before diving into the school’s tall chimney. The birds like to hang out in the chimney to roost before they migrate to Central America for the winter. We recommend you don’t watch Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” before you go.

  1. Gray Whale migration

Oregon’s coast is one of the best places in the world to see this natural phenomena of gray whales migrating from their breeding grounds in Mexico to their summer feeding grounds in Alaska. Don’t worry if it’s the wrong time of year to see this migration. You can always visit Oregon’s own local pod of gray whales that live in Depoe Bay year-round.

  1. The “blue tide”

They’re venomous, and they turn beaches purple and blue. They’re velella velella. These tiny jelly-like creatures wash up on the Oregon coast when the winds blow just right. The spectacle is called the “blue tide.” Don’t worry, their venom isn’t dangerous to humans.

  1. Mount Hood shadow effect

It’s simply a shadow on Mount Hood cast on the clouds above it, but the actual effect can be breathtaking. Usually occurring at dawn during the winter with high clouds in the sky, the rising sun casts a shadow from Mount Hood’s peak across the clouds in the sky that can stretch for miles. Have you seen this? Portland was treated to two days of this in February in 2016, and again in October this year.

If you’ve seen any of these amazing sights in Oregon be sure to send your pictures to us for #PhotoFriday. For six more natural phenomena, read the rest of The Oregonian’s article here.