Students learn of timber jobs with apprenticeships

Do you know a young person who loves spending time outdoors?

The Pacific Forest Foundation and Pacific Logging Congress are bringing forestry career opportunities to students in Washington, Oregon, and California with their program, ‘Adopt a High School.’

The program connects resource professionals with students. The goal is to find the next generation of loggers, foresters and timber industry workers.

“Instead of waiting for workers to come to you, Adopt a High School brings you and your company to the students and employees of tomorrow,” says Roger Smith of Olympia, Washington-based R. L. Smith Logging in an article from TimberWest.

Jobs in the forest sector pay well above the state average, but it can still be a challenge to find qualified and experienced workers in the logging industry. That’s why more companies are being proactive about their outreach to schools so students are aware of the well-paying jobs available to them working in and around forests.

Smith has been speaking with students at Elma High School in Washington for the last three years, and several of those students are now working for R.L. Smith Logging.

For companies interested in participating in ‘Adopt a High School’ and grow their future pool of available employees, materials are available  from the Pacific Logging Congress website: www.pacificloggingcongress.org.