Top 5 stories of 2018

Oregon Forests Forever shared a lot of news with our community in 2018. Here are the stories that captured the most interest last year.

Oregon wildfire update: 150,000 acres are burning

Oregon’s forests were devastated by wildfires in 2018. We kept you up to date with where the fires were burning, and the important role of wildland firefighters to put out the flames. Our story from the beginning of the summer when the fires had reached 150,000 total burned acres was our most read blog of the year.

The mysterious bunker in a coastal forest

The Oregon Forests Forever community also loves to learn about new places to visit in the vast forests of our state. You were particularly interested in learning more about the mysterious bunker near Cannon Beach.

Have you seen Oregon’s coastal ghost forest?

Another place to visit that caught your attention was the Neskowin Ghost Forest. This forest was devastated by a tsunami 2,000 years ago, and now the stumps which are the remnants of a vast forest can only be seen at low tide.

Oregon has a new outdoor recreation czar

In 2018 Oregon named a new outdoor recreation czar in charge of the Office of Outdoor Recreation. Our community was interested in this news, possibly to ask what kind of recreation this office would promote.

It’s going to be a long hot summer: Southern Oregon air quality worst in the United States from fires

When there’s fire, there’s smoke. Our article about Southern Oregon’s air quality concerned many readers, and rightly so. Wildfire smoke can increase your risk of heart disease and lung cancer, among other problems. It was one of the many negative effects from fires this summer.

Oregon Forests Forever thanks all of you for taking part in the discussions throughout 2018, and we look forward to sharing even more news and ways you can take action to help forests in 2019.