Whales, a spouting horn, and the world’s smallest navigable harbor

Photo from Whale Cove Inn

If you’re looking for something to see on the coast this weekend, there’s no shortage of fun sights at this Oregon Coast town.

Beach Connection recently rounded up a list of secrets and facts unique to Depoe Bay. Which ones have you seen? Which ones are you planning to see next?

  • YEAR-ROUND WHALES: Depoe Bay has its own “resident whales,” making the town a “Whale Watching Capital of the World.” A group of gray whales call this area their home, attracted to easy access to food in the area due to the bull kelp forests that grow in the shallow depths and reefs. Bull kelp forests are annual kelp that grow up in the shallower depths near the shore.
  • DEPOE BAY’S SPOUTING HORN: It’s a large crevice in the basalt rocks near the sea wall where water is compressed and then fired into the area. You may have seen something like it before, but Depoe Bay has the only spouting horn within the downtown area of any Oregon coast burgh. This geyser of ocean water can reach 40 feet or more. The best time to see it is in the fall, winter, and turbulent seas of spring.
  • TINY HARBOR: In addition to the only spouting horn in a downtown area, Depoe Bay also is unofficially home to the “world’s smallest navigable harbor.”
  • SECRETS: There are plenty of secrets on the Oregon coast. We’ve told you about a few. Depoe Bay has some more to offer. There’s a tiny, hidden park behind the fire station, a mysterious basalt “arm” stretching towards the bay, and Lincoln Beach and Gleneden Beach with sandy spots that have unique features of their own. If you’re nearby, you should try the Otter Loop Road just south of town to find a few miles of unrivaled viewpoints and hidden spots. Or, take the City Park trail to old growth Sitka spruce.

Do you know of any unique features we missed? Let us know!